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Originally Posted by JuniorModder View Post
Think about it. Which scenario is more likely to have more people dying from guns?

Everyone has guns.
No one has guns.

The answer is a.

I'll tell you why.

If guns are illegal, then it's more likely that the people that will shoot people will get guns anyway, and then shoot people.

If it is required for everyone to own a gun, then the criminals will think "Ohh maybe I shouldn't shoot em' because they might have a gun."

So when the enforcers show up they'll just have to shoot everyone in the school, good idea.
Learning self-defense would seem like a more sensible option.

As for criminals thinking twice about shooting, wrong, as criminals tend to live by a do or die ideal. Not to mention they'll have less hesitation in killing someone than the average citizen. Nearly 68% of all US Military serving in Vietnam shot high of their target, not including the additional 14% who didn't fire their weapon at all. Clearly even trained killers aren't too willing to outright shoot a lifethreatening target.

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