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Specter leaned against the wall and watched Akagi walk in to check up on Karela. He chuckled slightly as the samurai looked down at her.

"Funny, isn't it? How could someone whose so destructive look so peaceful now?...I really hope its her when she wakes."


Takeda listened to Tategami's suggestion with great intent. He thought it over for a few seconds.

Wait...Kaneda and Dai are going to try to use that scroll tomorrow, I better go find them!

"I'll have to take a look at it if the Hokage permits it that is. In the mean time I better make sure I tell Kaneda and Dai I'm coming with them tomorrow. Thank you for your help sensai."

Takeda bowed and than quickly took off to find his friends.


"All right. I accept..."

Takai looked over at Asuka and then over to the well. He took a few steps towards the well and looked down at it.

"In order to get you at your full potential, you're going to learn Dark Jutsu. A very rare jutsu that only certain people can use like myelf. Before I can teach you though we need to make sure you have the right...ingredients."

Takai motioned the girl over to the well.

"Look down at the well. I want you to think of your emotions. In order to successfully use the jutsu you must have full control of your emotions. Don't worry, you'll still be yourself...think of this more as a confidence booster. I want you to picture each emotion as a person, and visualize yourself conquering them in some way."

Takai looked down at the well once more.

If she thinks this is hard...she hasn't seen anything yet.
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