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Which is real? Which is real? Which is real?

Memories began to fragment around her head as she felt an outside force begin to sort the memories out.

This constant confusion is starting to annoy me girl. I can't seem to rest with you like this. You need to see what is the truth and what is a lie.

One set of memories began to disappear as they were surrounded by small red bubbles which quickly began to destroy them.

The Arashi did this to you. They managed to capture you when they were sending you away so I could be extracted. The ANBU they sent with you were killed and you were taken and they did something to you. Something that made you turn against your village. I don't know exactly what happend as I was sealed at the time.

The last of the false memories disappeared in a puff of red, unleashing a flood of memories that immediatly began to fill her mind.

Tategami...Kaneda...Akagi...I attacked them all. I attacked them all with no mercy. Thanks to me Asuka has been captured and is now in Arashi hands.

Karela's eyes slowly opened as she focused in on the celling.

"What are you going to do with me? "
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