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"What are you going to do with me?"

Yamato walked away from leaning against the wall, and approached her.

"I'm afraid you have committed unforgivable crimes against Konoha, no matter what state of condition you were in." he exchanged a grim look. "You have destroyed the Hyuga residence, and killed many innocent people in the process. However, the judgement for your sentencing is not mine to make; it should be the Hokage's."

Yamato turned to leave the room. He paused and looked back. "But please, get some rest. I do hope Naruto will know what is best for you."

Yamato left the Hospital.


The Next Day

Kaneda waited outside of the Hokage residence, with the morning wind blowing against his face. It was very sunny out.

Kaneda was waiting for Dai and Takeda to arrive. Apparently Takeda had some business of his own concerning the Scroll of Seals. He whistled while waiting for his companions to meet up with him.
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