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Long time lurker, first time poster here. First I love KOTOR and everything I've seen and heard of BoS:SR, makes it sound phenomenal. But I'm having a few issues.

Initially I saw Drix in the Cantina & spoke to him, then went to Tatooine in search of Drexl...but he didn't spawn. Saw the YouTube vid of where he's supposed to be.. but nada. Admittedly at this point, I had a few other mods in my Override folder. So I cleaned house. Removed every mod, reinstalled BoS:SR and then the 1.1 patch. As per recommendations in here.
However now I can't even get Drix to spawn. If I use the BOS Save, then Drix spawns fine... just not in my own save game.

As a further addendum to the above, I then uninstalled K1, reinstalled it from scratch and then installed BOS:SR and the 1.1 patch. Nothing else. I did preserve my save game however which I copied across. The savegame launches fine, but again no Drix. It's almost as if the savegame has some trigger telling it that Drix has already spawned and doesn't need to respawn... maybe? Ideas?

If all else fails, I'll just use the BOS Save instead. But would like to use my own if possible... ideas?

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