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He wasn't surprised when he saw two heavily armed ANBU come in to take custoday of Karela. It was a natural precaution, she could still be dangerous.

Still, it was tough to see a friend in chains.

He followed the group as they left the hospital. He kept 10 paces off their tails, so as to follow them without being particularily noticeable.

The Samurai's hand was relaxed as he held his sword, walking slowly behind them.

Suddenly, he saw Dai come forward to the group and confront them. He saw him take out several Shuriken. This was the last thing they all needed. Fighting for Karela wouldn't help her now, and would only cause division instead of the unity they needed to fight the Arashi.

Akagi stepped forward, in between the group and Dai.

He shook his head, and his grip on his wakizashi blade visibly tightened.

"Don't try, Dai-San. No one will benefit from it. Least of all, Karela."

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