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"Sir, using the sounds and mathematics, the floor plan is somewhat crazy. But, I can guarentee a 90% correctness on this map." Ares responded, putting a map on Sam's and everyone else's HUD.
"There, are you happy sir?"

Azrael couldn't help but laugh over the groups team chat.

"Fear not Mr. Sullivan, for you have a real AI with you. Don't use a common connection to do an entire network's job is what I always say, metaphorically that is. I'm downloading and updating your maps as we speak. There we go, not only is it 100% correct but it covers the every level of the ship, including each and every object. I've also updated your motion trackers."

Null shook his head as Azrael one upped the other AI. That's one thing Null couldn't stand was how everyone was beneath him, even his own kind.

"Well before Azrael decides to do something else we better head to the airlock."
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