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From around a corner, Yoroi quietly listened to Dai speak to Kaneda. Something tells me things will become chaotic very soon. Should I intervene?

He considered his pledge to defeat Kaneda. Or perhaps I should be the one to cause the chaos. Kaneda must experience pain.

* * *

"In attendence, the Six Paths of Yoroi Mitarashi."

Surrounding Yoroi were six reanimated corpses, each controlled by numerous chakra receivers.

The Naraka Path...Hidan the Jashinist.

The Preta Path...Kakuzu.

The Animal Path...Kisame Hoshigaki.

The Human Path...Zarela.

Yoroi himself was reclining on an armchair. Unlike Nagato before him, he did not need massive immobilizing chakra transmitters to control his Paths. He had refined them to be more compact.

"Impressive," remarked Konan. "But you are missing two paths."

"Haven't found suitable candidates, Konan-sensei," said Yoroi.

"In any event, what is your next course of action?"

"I have a quarrel with Kaneda to resolve. After that, my efforts will go towards hunting down the Arashi--"

"I have a task for you," Konan interrupted.


"Instead of hunting down the Arashi, you must safeguard the Hokage instead. He is the most likely target of their efforts. As your sensei, I command it."

Yoroi nodded, somewhat confused. "Hai."

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