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"Don't try, Dai-San. No one will benefit from it. Least of all, Karela."

Dai's grip on the Shuriken grew tighter still as Akagi gripped his blade.

"I don't get you Akagi. I thought you were one of Karela's closest friends and yet your letting them take her to a possible death sentence. She was tortured I can tell that much."

Dai's hand began to bleed as the shuriken began to cut through his skin.

I examined her body. I saw the marks, the cuts, the scars. She was tortured into joining the Arashi and yet she is still being punished for something beyond her control!"

He glared at the others and dropped the shuriken to the ground ina gesture of defeat.

"I'm not going to let her go through that alone. If shes going in then I am too.


Dai's head whipped around to stare at Karela.

"I am responsible for my crimes. I will accept whatever judgment the Hokage decides."

With that being said, Karela was led through the door into the Hokage's office.
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