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"I don't get you Akagi. I thought you were one of Karela's closest friends and yet your letting them take her to a possible death sentence. She was tortured I can tell that much."

Akagi shook his head, "You don't understand. Think about what you were about to do. If anything would've brought about a death sentence, it would've been that. There is no gaurantee this will be her end, but if it will be with honor....and also...well, now is not the time."

He stayed in-between Dai and Karela's escort as they marched her into the Hokage's office.

Akagi relaxed his grip on the sword as the door closed behind them.

He looked to Dai, "She is one of my close friends, yes, I would hate to see her put to death as well. It would be horrible, and a terrible injustice done to her if that should happen. But there is still much to be learned. She can help was no the time to move and save her. After the trial....well, we'll see what will happen."

He backed up a step, "I ask you, Dai, don't do anything stupid before then."

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