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((I'll control Naruto for now :0 oooh, we'll reached post 1000 soon ))

""Easy...I know that just a moment ago I was willing to try and take them on but we have to respect Karela's wishes. She wants to do this alone and we should respect that."

Kaneda stepped forward. "He's right. Specter, you have every right to feel angry; and I would go to that length if I were in you're shoes. But look at this logically; you're talking about going up against the power of Konoha's military force to save one person. We must think of a way around this."

He crossed his arms. "And besides, at least the Hokage is civilised enough to give Karela a fair trial. You have no idea how lucky she is to receive such a thing."

Takeda approached the group. Kaneda nodded at him.

"We'll wait in the foyer untill the trial is over. Then we can attend to our business."


Karela was placed in the center of a large circular room. It was very dark, and lit with candels all around. The council stood before her, with Naruto in the center. There was a long silence, and he stared up at the ANBU guards beside her.

"You may leave us." he said. The ANBU guards nodded and walked off. Naruto glanced back at Karela.

"You know why you are here. You're here because of the judgement for your actions. You have crippled the strength of one of our most valuable Village Members - The Hyuga clan."

He crossed his arm. "Such an act is unforgivable..." he brought out a manilla folder and pulled out the documents. "However, after an analysis of a Physical Examination from the hospital, detailing many brusing and scars all over your body..." he kept reading through the files. "And because we found evidence of indoctrination within you're brain patterns, which lead to the Arashi major influence in these recent terrorist events..."

He closed the Manilla folder, approached Karela, and beamed while roughing up her hair. "We hereby agree to drop all charges made against you."

There was a brief silence. "Well? Have you got nothing to say for yourself? A simple thank you would be appreciated." Naruto laughed. Then he turned serious again. "But this trial isnt over however. There are things we need to discuss."

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