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I've played KOTOR so many times... I don't even know how many anymore. The first time I ever played it, I was so completely blown away. I thought the graphics were gorgeous, the gameplay addictive and the characters endearing. There wasn't a single complaint I had about it at all... other than the fact that I couldn't have all of the "posse" with me at once and I had to choose who to come with me!

The first time I played as LS, then the second time as DS. Since then, I've fired it up on many occasions when there's been a new major mod that I really want to play, and sometimes just for laughs. Ages ago, I decided I was getting a bit old for gaming all the time and sold off/gave away most of my PC games. The only ones I couldn't bear to part with were KOTOR 1 & 2, and the King's Quest collection (on the possibly misguided principle that they'd be great fun/learning for my boys when they grew up).

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