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Does Karela deserve mercy? I suppose so, since she was no longer in control of herself.

Yoroi stared at the Hokage from his hiding place. Naruto Uzumaki is a great man, but he is quite lenient. I suppose mercy is does have its uses, but I sincerely hope he will know when an iron fist does more good.

Far away, one of his Shadow Clones was dispelled. It had found the body of Madara Uchiha, but the only useful trait it possessed, the Eternal Mangeyko Sharrigan, was gone. I suppose the Hokage did the intelligent thing and had his eyes destroyed. Well, so much for that candidate. I must really find an effective Deva Path at some point.

Outside the room, another Shadow Clone eyed Kaneda carefully. If he was to fight him, a challenge would be appropriate.

I should deal with this sooner than later. I'll give him time to find out about Karela though, it's only fair.

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