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Originally Posted by Marius Fett View Post
Some nice work going on here, Q.

Out of interest, what be the poly counts on these areas atm?
28.679 polys
51.493 verts

Just for the stuff I got now
But it's okay for this area, you can never see everything at once.
The polycount will be much lower thanks to the .vis file and such.

Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
I rather like them as they are. Who's to say that they're not an example of a long dead species?
Yes, indeed, the Sith are known to be messing with creatures=> Sith alchemy anyone.

Originally Posted by HdVaderII View Post
Wonderful looking Q! Those guardian statues look really nice. I feel like I'm getting an Egyptian vibe from them, but maybe that's just me.
And, yes, Egypte is a strong influence here, its almost pure Egypte.
I know the drawing was differant; but, I ran into some troubles while doing these puppies. Lets just say I would need some more training. At the moment I let them be.

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