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X-Wing: Edit And Cheat


I'm new here.

I am playing X-Wing CD and it is the hardest videogame I ever played or nearly. I am even having difficulty in the early Historical Combat missions where everything move so fast and it takes a long time to reach from one point to another.

I had similar difficulty attempting to play Wing Commander. Somehow I was able to manage through Wing Commander II.

At this point I would still like to complete X-Wing but it is unlikely unless I
seriously cheat.

I am playing with a mouse, this might be part of the problem, and have attempted to use PPJoy with the mouse what gave very erratic results (the spaceship tilts when I shoot). At the moment I would still prefer to just cheat and later maybe retry when I buy a proper joystick.

So, my question is: are there any X-Wing Editor out there that can change the time limits in Historical Combat? Because for the moment, this is my principle problem. Time Limits is always off when I still have many things to do. I would like to just kill that time limit and try that way.

Next step, if this won't work, would be to categorically play as unvulnerable (with an editor), the point really being that I just want to go through the settings of this videogame, even if I don't have the skills to play it (which is obvious to me now, I really really suck at it).


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