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Akagi was surprised at Spectre's sudden outburst. Karela's recapture and trial was causing more problems then the Samurai had anticipated. But Akagi knew, that in times of conflict, much like now, a person's true character, personality, and problems, burn through the mask they all wore.

He stepped to the door by the trial and listened to the entire conversation.

A smile came to Akagi's face as he heard the verdict that the charges against Karela had been dropped in full. The smile faded though, as Karela brought the blame upon herself, and not blaming others, other then the Arashi. She was definately one of the Ninjas of the older times, selfless and filled with honor.

Akagi turned and left the door of the trial room, heading towards the Foyer. He needed to find out about Specter.

He saw the ninja standing in the Foyer, and Akagi approached slowly, testing his reaction to the Samurai's entrance to the room.

Akagi stood opposite of Specter.

"So, how are you doing, friend."

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