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"I don't deserve mercy. I attacked the Hyuga clan with the intention to kill them all. I personally attacked Hyuga Hinata and the Hokage with the intent to kill them. The only reason I haven't taken my own life is because I found out that I didn't kill you both."

"Indoctrination is a very serious matter." One of the council members added. "You're actions were those of the Arashi, whether you want to believe it or not. They manipulated you; reprogrammed your mind to suit their needs. They are held responcible for your actions, not you."

"But we are glad to see you have truthfully regretted your actions. Such is a very noble act, no matter what crime you have commited." the other councilor member added.

"If it's information you want then I will provide whatever information I can. I have the locations of Arashi bases and hideouts, their current plans and information on many of their members and the type of Jutsu that they use. I don't have information on the Ten-Tailed beast however, I was never informed about anything relating to it."

Naruto looked down and rubbed his chin. "I find it very intriguing to know there is another 10 tailed beast..." he glanced up at Karela and the other council members. "19 years ago, we meddled with the plans intended by Madara Uchiha and his ultimate goal of merging the Bijuu's spirits together to create the Ten Tailed Beast."

"But how could there be another 10 tailed Bijuu in existance?" Ando, the oldest Council member, wondered. "And according to our latest records, this one takes the form of a Dragon... It can be theorised there is a family of Ten Tailed Bijuu, each with different abilities. But where their nest is located is a complete mystery."

"We dont have the time to ponder." Naruto barked. He glanced back at Karela. "We will need all the information you can offer us - their recent developments and plans preferably. We can send our best ANBU agents to deal with them, while we think of a stradegy to end their primary goals."

"But we wont extract information now that you have just recovered from the Hospital. Though you are deemed as innocent, your sentencing is still to be considered. We hereby place you under Standard Probation until further orders, as well as placing you under Psycological treatment, due to your exposure of Indoctrination for a long period. The court is hereby adjourned."
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