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Actually Lord of the rings fits the "Typical Bioware Story" pretty well...
So does King Arthur.
So does Star Wars.

Come to think of it, I'm having a hard time finding a sci-fi/Fantasy story that doesn't fit most if not all of the elements presented.

If you count the last location you must head to, most have 5 locations.. or 5 Acts if it were a play.. With that in mind, even Hamlet fits(save humble beginnings)...

Originally Posted by Hallucination View Post
Jae, we know you love Jolee, but if they put him in the game it wouldn't be very funny because he'd be long dead. Have you ever tried to tell a joke while you were dead? It's not easy.
It's not the telling that's so difficult. Its the audience that never gets the joke. "BRAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIINNNSSSS" See comic genius.

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