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Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
Guns don't kill people, rappers do, I saw it on a documentary on BBC2!
This has been said about the rapper culture for years in America. Interesting.

@ below: Good point. Same goes with even a sword or a guan'dao. Where an attacker is out of range of melee weapons but well within good accuracy range, you try to make a move and they'll just shoot. If he's a scrapper too, you are in for a nasty fight at least. Most average people don't know enough martial arts to effectively disarm and fight off an armed criminal.

Also, greater numbers: if there are two or more and not clustered together which they rarely are. You might KO/whack one guy but the other turns and shoots or beats you down while you're preoccupied. You're no match for the gun out of range, especially if you can't see it. You might be able to fight it out if he is unarmed, and this is a big IF.

Secrecy/element of surprise only works for the stealth. Out in the open, this dies quickly for most.

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