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Originally Posted by El Sitherino View Post
A quick review over gun crime and crime prevention will show that the possession of a firearm does nothing to actually prevent a crime and often presents only more of a threat. Sure there are instances where a person is shot and a situation is ended, however in these incidents it's an element of surprise and the gun could easily be replaced with a knife or bat.
While I would tend to agree, you can produce some evidence to support this yes? Though I disagree with your point about a knife or a bat. For a bat or a knife to work, you have to be within arms reach of the guy. Say, 3-4 feet, less to really get use out of knife-force. With a gun however, you could be down the hallway, or heck, on the other side of a door. With a bat or a knife, you have to risk a physical confrontation with the attacker, which means if the person can overpower you, or you stab/hit them in a less-than-knocking-out or killing manner, you're gonna be SOL.

Beyond that, there are as well, far too many lawyers who would run a person through the wringer over injuring a person breaking into their home. As the pirates used to say "Dead men tell no tales." And there are actual cases with burglars breaking into a home, being injured or injuring themselves, and winning against the homeowner. I've yet to see a dead robber win a case much less sue.

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