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Kaneda leaned against the wall, while yawning infront of Yoroi after he offered his challenge.

"Can't you see we have far more important things than to worry about than fighting each other?" he stretched. "Besides, what have I ever done to tick you off? From what I remember, you started this mess by pushing me away just as I returned to the battle field."

He looked into Yoroi's Rinnegan eyes without a sense of fear. "You dont scare me with those pretty eyes of yours."

"You opted to surrender," Yoroi said icily. "It is not something I can forgive so easily. Nor will I tolerate disrespect to the Rinnegan. However, I will explain myself.

"When I had my Nightmare Seal, I was briefly assigned to a variety of various different teams. As you can imagine I did not stay with any of them for a long period of time. One of these teams was assigned an A-Rank mission to rescue a noble family being held hostage by about ten rogue shinobi. There were four of us, myself a Chunin at the time, a Jonin by the name of Shisui, and two other Chunins called Sado and Riko."

Yoroi leaned against his wall. "When we arrived near the compound where the hostages were being held, we found out that our intelligence was wrong. We were up against thirty. While none of them were Jonin or Kage level, they were skilled enough to push us to the edge. We managed to kill seventeen of their number before Shisui ordered us to retreat. Sado was wounded, and at the time I was quite tired. It seemed like a good idea to run back to Konoha, admit failure, and return with reinforcements."

A tear weld up in Yoroi's eye. "But Riko refused. She was the strongest of us, the most intelligent...and the most...beautiful. She continued to fight, trying to exploit and opening in the defenses so she could take out their leader. And that jerk Shisui...he took Sado and kept running off. I yelled at him to back Riko up, but he just...glared at me. I turned around to find that Riko had used her greatest fire release attack to kill the leader and eight more shinobi before she was stabbed from behind with a kunai.

"I killed the last five and rushed to her side as she clung to life. In her last moments she told me to never surrender and never accept your comrades doing so. She...died. It was so fast...and I never got to tell even the short time we had served together I felt...."

Yoroi whipped his face with his sleeve. "In any event, the rest of us completed the mission. The next day, I challenged Shisui to a duel to the death. It is obvious who won. In fact, they appointed me Jonin as a result, probably because they were afraid at how easily I tore him apart. They also had an unsaid policy of not assigning me to teams.

"In Riko's name, I am compelled to fight you. It won't be to the death like with Shisui because your act was far less severe. Understand that I have nothing against you personally, up until that battle I was glad to call you comrade. If you fight me, both victory or defeat will be enough to earn my forgiveness."

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