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"In Riko's name, I am compelled to fight you. It won't be to the death like with Shisui because your act was far less severe. Understand that I have nothing against you personally, up until that battle I was glad to call you comrade. If you fight me, both victory or defeat will be enough to earn my forgiveness."

Kaneda walked towards him, and glared into Yoroi's eyes.

"Is this your philosophy? Victory over the expense of your comrades well-being? Shisui was trying to save Sado's life! Not abandon his team through an act of cowardice!"

He turned his back to Yoroi. "During a mission, your most valuable possession are your team mates! It is the way of the Shinobi. Though I wont deny I wished we let Karela go, why else do you think I came back to the battle field? The thrill of violence?"

Kaneda looked back at him. "I accept you're challenge Yoroi! Not because of the thrill for battle! Not to earn your forgiveness! But to teach you a lesson in the difference between Friendship and Cowardice!"
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