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Just want to say well done on this amazing patch. It's not perfect but it's amazing just how much can be done with SCUMM games, and so easily as well.

I tried to get the talkie version to work on DS, with SCUMMVM DS. It works, but the voice quality is too high, so whenever someone talks it slows down and goes crackly. I managed to get the Special Edition music to work on SCUMMVM DS by reducing the quality to 32kbps, which is a bit muffled, but the sound quality isn't perfect on DS anyway. Would it be at all possible for a second version of the installer to be made which compresses the sound for DS?

Also another thing; whenever I rip music from my MI1 CD, the track from the beginning of the game when Guybrush meets the lookout is always missing. Which number is this track supposed to be, so I can add it back in?

Thanks in advance.
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