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"We will need all the information you can offer us - their recent developments and plans preferably. We can send our best ANBU agents to deal with them, while we think of a stradegy to end their primary goals."

"But we wont extract information now that you have just recovered from the Hospital. Though you are deemed as innocent, your sentencing is still to be considered. We hereby place you under Standard Probation until further orders, as well as placing you under Psycological treatment, due to your exposure of Indoctrination for a long period. The court is hereby adjourned."

Karela slowly shook her head as the court was dismissed. The ANBU wouldn't be enough...not nearly enough to deal with some of the shinobi the Arashi had.

She turned and walked back out the doors of the hokage's office and then stepped outside. It was sunny out.

Is this a good omen? Or a bad one?

"Hey guys..." She said quietly to the group waiting outside.
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