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Originally Posted by Admonisher View Post
OK ... I followed the above process, and here's what happens.

First, the installer gives me the following message at the very end:

Read 4573 entries from
Could not open mapping.txt
Read 7463 lines from mi1.txt, 2483 lines have no matching entry.

Second, when the process is finished, only 24 mp3 files wind up in the classdub folder. Hence, when I try to direct ScummVM to that folder, it states that it can't find any games. When I direct ScummVM to the "audio" folder, on the other hand, it DOES find the game ... but it then informs me that I need to get music files from the CD. The game plays, but without music OR dialogue. So ... what am I doing wrong?

Mine did the same thing :*( I really want this to work but I'm too lazy to download all the other stuff and do the long way around Help please.
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