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The Editor doesn't seem to work, probably because I use the CD version.

My problem is not strategy or tactic. I loose time from not being able to hit some ships,
especially the Interceptors which move fast and I always seem to have to shoot at random places around those ships to hit them (it's not random, it's distance and speed, but it feels random because everything move so fast).

Some levels I tried multiple times and there is always about 4 or 5 ships I miss, and I don't seem to improve in skill at all. So because it is very annoying to have to restart 10 times with similar results, I thought "gee, if only I could extend this 3 minutes". I wish they had a mode "for dummies", really.

Also, I'm playing with a mouse (without PPJoy because it's too erractic), so I'm not
sure if that makes things that much harder, but really I could do with this mouse if only
I had a little more time. I just need time to "hit" the darn nterceptors. I'm always on their trail but can't seem to hit them. I can't even imagine how hard the Tour must be, but at least they don't have time limit.

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