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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi View Post
How many average citizens have either one of those weapons?

And yes, I do have a sword, a foil, and a rapier, but I'm not exactly an average person.
I have quite a collection of edged weapons. Some of which are not exactly inexpensive. I even have my great great grandfather's civil war sword. But like you, I could HARDLY be classified as the average person(I also happen to have a couple of .50 cal rifles). BUT the average person IS likely to have a farther reaching cutting weapon. I mean a machette is cheap, durable and easy to get. As is a fire axe.

Granted none match the stopping power or range of a shotgun(personal preference for home defense), which requires less skill to use than any edged weapon for effective defense(WAAAAAAY better than a 50 cal... cheaper too haha).

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