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Originally Posted by El Sitherino View Post
And how many first time people shooters have the skill or nerve to shoot from down a hallway?
...yet going back some...

Originally Posted by El Sitherino View Post
As for criminals thinking twice about shooting, wrong, as criminals tend to live by a do or die ideal. Not to mention they'll have less hesitation in killing someone than the average citizen.

If they live by do or die ideals, they don't care and ought to have all the nerve in the world to muster--even against all reason. If they are lacking in nerve and resolve then they will hesitate.

It can't be both ways at once.

Which is where the whole surprise attack part comes in to play. Not saying it's a matter of every time, but then neither is reacting to gun violence with more gun violence.
Neither is close range martial arts or melee effective all the time either. Neither is waiting for the cops every time. Neither is surrender always viable.
With so many unknowns, we can't know exactly.

Point is, it's better to receive training in self-defense than to simply brandish a gun.
Part of self defense is about perception, deception, and intimately knowing that which you will combat. Self defense against guns requires the subject to be familiar with them in all aspects which would include usage against another armed with the same.

You aren't the only one, BTW, who has had contact with law enforcement--and an uneasy relationship at the same time.
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