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Haha its been that way for a long time. Heck even when I was in elementary everyone "knew" Karate.

Add on top of it that many people actually ARE in some form of training for some random MMA competition, even knowing some form or another isn't protection. An 80 year old gramma isn't going to be able to take on a guy that's been training for <insert local MMA competition>. The gun is an equalizer. The gramma can point a shotgun in the general direction of someone breakin into her home a lot easier than she could beat him down.

Oh and at least one recent story
Shotgun blasts stop home invasion
This is the type of crime I advocate having a firearm as defense against. Again, it doesn't exactly justify having a Barrett .50 cal or SAW. BUT it lends credence to ownership.

The 50 cals I have are for hunting rabbits What... You don't hunt rabbits with .50 cal Armor Piercing Incendiary rounds?

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