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For those that are even mildly tech aware - it was hard not to hear bout Googles big reveal of their Chrome OS a couple of days ago.

Basically, its not meant to be a rival to Windows or Mac, but an OS with a mobile+network focus(Im not going to use the 'c' word that rhymes with loud) that will give you direct access to apps. Whilst people are fiddling around on Chrome OS images as we speak, without having a chrome OS optimised device, they might as well not bother as it wont give them the guts of what Chrome OS is about. eg. put the iphone (symbian os) on a pc emulator and see how much fun it is ??

Of course, Linux people are going to say they have had thin client builds for agez, but of course they are only accessible by people keen on the Linux journey. Devices that run google OS will have specific hardware parameters(just like android phones) and the interface is built for GUI user friendliness - or at least thats what Google is saying. Time will tell if it will take off. I think putting the letters OS into the title is a bad idea. Android is becoming extremely popular with mobile device users, and manufacturers. It is just as much an OS as chrome OS - they should have called it something different perhaps - people have gone in expecting something abit more akin to the Win/Mac than android and then have been whining all over the internet about ever since the reveal on Thursday

They couldt called it Google Mobile/Thin OS or something similar - stop some dumb folks from getting confused and trting to run crysis on it

Here's detailed coverage of the Google OS presentation from engadget


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