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Woot! Followed these directions:
Originally Posted by JKHub
The installer that comes with JK is not needed. Just follow the steps below. Except for one step, all files are copied from the first CD.

1. Create a folder to place the game files. The default with the installer is C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Jedi Knight.
2. Copy both files from the gamedata\exe folder to the folder created in step 1.
3. Copy the controls, episode, and resource folders (in gamedata folder) to the folder created in step 1.
4. Copy the gamedata\mininstall\res1hi.gob file to the resource folder created in step 3.
5. From the second CD, copy all files from the video folder (in gamedata\resource folder) to the resource folder created in step 3.
6. Verify that all the files copied from CD do not have the Read-only attribute set. To verify: select all the files in each folder, right-click on them, select Properties, and make sure the Read-only checkbox is clear (i.e. white with no checkmark).

Now, you can run jk.exe directly, or setup a shortcut that can be placed on the Start menu or a taskbar toolbar.

NOTE: Any registry settings needed by JK are created when JK is run, except for the lobby launching registry settings; those can be created by using the DirectPlay Registry Key for Jedi Knight.

To make managing mods and finding multiplayer games online easier, check out JKLauncher.

and it worked GREAT! Thanks so much for the tips. The only issue I've had is that Daemon tools won't even mount the expansion ISO. Maybe I just got a bad copy?

64 bit compatability issues have been plagueing me since I bought this computer, but it appears you can run most anything if you can just circumvent the install.

On that note if anyone knows I need help with:
the original Dark Forces
The Dark Eye (the Poe game)

If someone knows how to compile these PLEASE let me know.
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