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Originally Posted by daltysmilth View Post
One thing I'm almost tempted to do is to take all the voice files and convert them to a much lower bitrate so they sound all compressed, just to make it feel like they were recorded back in 1990 when the game first came out. I don't know why. Maybe I'm just crazy like that.
It's not the compression which makes it sound 1990 like. In fact, compression were rarely used at all, since it uses up much CPU time, usually too much for the time.

What it would make it sound 1990 like is resampling and requantization. Fate of Atlantis is 11025 Hz, 8 bit, mono. DOTT and Sam & Max use 22050 Hz, 8 bit, mono for voice files.

In order to keep a tolerable signal to noise ratio, most games have also quite a lot of dynamic compression and a limiter applied. Which results in a steady level well above the quantization noise, but this practice also tends to sound lifeless.
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