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You cant simply export it back, you have to rig the mesh to the skeleton:

Read this

Once you understand the workflow, watch the skin modifier video by Paul Greveson, that process is called "skinning":

The video only shows you the skinning process since enemy territory doesnt have dismemberment like in JA. Here's the steps you need to do for JA (note that 1 & 2 are already done when using my skeleton).

*1.Import Kyle's Skeleton from .Xsi

*2.Weight the tags to the skeleton

3.Modeling (build your model around the skeleton with previously weighted tags)

4.UVW Mapping

5.Segment your model

6.Cap the segments (can be done after the hierarchy)

7.Weight the mesh to bones <---What Paul is doing in the video

8.Link the hierarchy

9.LODs (they are not mandatory!)

10.Export to .XSI / Compile with assimilate

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