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First off i want to say thanks Silveredge9 this mod is fantastic! Its better than the original game by far IMO and would donate if you made something similar for this or TSL. I bet a lot of people would (I hope im not breaking any rules by mentioning this it is just merely a compliment - let me know and ill remove it)

Everything was working just fine but then i ran into the bug where the screen goes black and all you hear is blaster fire (Right after you meet Drexl as the captain playing as Matilda). I read through other posts and responses and wiped my overdrive and did a fresh install of the patch.

Now that i am past that part Matilda is now a Gammorean (sp?). While quite hilarious at first it has become an annoyance. I realize it is something wrong with the 2da files and luckily i backed my old override up before i did my fresh install in the new one.

So i tried swapping the 2da files and that fixes matilda but messes up everyone else (Drix is now a twilek, mec' hanic is human etc...). Is there someway someone could send me the correct 2da files? Any fixes? Im currently on hotel internet and will be for a while so any large downloads are not encouraged (took 12 hours to get this mod)

Sorry for such the long post it is just frustrating and would take away much of the fun i am having with this mod if everything is switched up like this. Ive reinstalled it with a blank override twice with the same result.

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