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The plague cruiser darted through space as quickly as it could. Titon nervously watched out the window looking to see anything other than stars. His brethren were out there somewhere and needed his help. He thought he saw something in the distance so he leaned forward to see if it would help. It looked like Plague technology but it was too hard to tell.

"Sir, our radar has picked up and object with life on it."

"That's them, take us over there now!"

"Yes sir!"


"Looks like the Plague has gotten my invitation for tea. Thank you for traveling Azrael Air. You are now free to exit the ship."

Null shook his head at Azreal's odd sense of humor. If it wasn't sadistic it was just random.

Null heard a crack as the air lock opened up. He nodded to his team before jumping out into space. He let his body float for a few seconds before pushing himself downward using the ship to move. He continued on this path until he wad underneath the ship. He attached a cable from his belt to the ship to prevent him from floating away.

"We wait here until Azrael tells us its okay to move through our teamchat. Has everyone got their cables hooked up?"
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