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VarsityPupptet added an extra part to Juniors tutorial.
If you're looking for that extra spice, read on!

Alright, here's Varsity's official addition to Juniormodder's already awesome portrait tutorial.


Well, to illustrate what I'm trying to do, I'm going to backtrack a few steps. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out where I left off.

What we're doing here is creating an overlay.
I don't know how to explain what it does really... other than it accentuates textures and lines.

Click on the spoilers to see the steps. The screenshots are rather big, so I used the 'hidden' tags.

VP step 1
Show spoiler

VP Step 2
Show spoiler

VP step 3
Show spoiler

VP step 4
Show spoiler

End product... based on my personal tastes

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