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Originally Posted by Jammy-Jedi View Post
Ok major issue Drix Keliwt is not showing in "The Drunk side" 4th planet now,
any help would be appreciated he does show in the save though.
That was precisely the issue that I posted above in this thread. He appeared in the BOS save, but not in my game. Do you have any other mods installed? I had a couple of others and I suspect one of those did me in. Of the few that I had installed, only one other had similar files and I've also seen posts about was RedHawke's Ord Mandell mod (which was great too!).

If that is the case, then you may need to remove the other mods and start a new game. Another possibility is to rename your current Override folder to something else temporarily, reinstall BoS-SR and the 1.1 patch, and see if he appears then. You'll need to ensure you have a save from before you land on Korriban for this to work though, I think.

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