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Within this past month I have used KSE 3.3.3 for the first time. I can't believe what I was missing out on!!!!

My only gripe is that you cannot grant any of the higher forms to any character as they are associated with events. I tried tricking the machine, but that didn't work. Still had fun re-meeting or fighting the jedi masters. I believe you must not have initiated the end game path sequence in order for it to work that you'd get a form, though the only stage/master I can imagine this working on would be onderon/Kavar (and a class change).

I did have fun making my character a minion and getting the crazy attribute progressions--weird the skills are all capped off at 19 for that class. Or just plain granting yourself every feature in the game.

A jedi master with master fury.

Quite fun to play around with it.

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