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Got the game yesterday, installed it, patched it & then played it, had a few CTD's that were a bit annoying and 1 crash, as well as a few picture & sound glitches here n there, then looked up to see if it was the PC causing the problem as it may have (only partly) been with Fallout 3.

I found the clean-boot method on Microsoft's website, done it & since then the game has been ABSOLUTELY perfect! - CLEAN BOOT PC

With a powerful enough spec, the right knowledge and a "clean" PC, this game will be no trouble...once patched of course

The graphics & motion are so much better than the PS3 (and I should imagine Xbox) version it is unreal! It's almost life-like. On the PS3 I remember Darth Maul kinda looking a bit blurred, especially in the face, but on this you see absolutely every detail, and it is beautiful. The developers really put effort into this graphically, no doubt, it's just a shame that the consoles don't have the spec to really show it unlike a high-end PC.

The only thing next is to remove the 30FPS frame rate lock, which'll make the motion even more fluid, oh, and mods of course

There are already ways to do texture mods if anyone is unaware, haven't done it yet myself, but here are the links I have:

These will further explain how it is done exactly, being only slightly different from TFU.

By the way, I have Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit Edition.
If you have Vista I would suggest disabling UAC & installing the game under C:\ drive, instead of the Program Files.

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