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From Solomon's grave (where your party walks off into the sunset), you run out into the area that Akirakon Sin entered (which you mentioned you did) and exit into the Wastes. From there you run directly northeast to the far end of the map and into the cave, that will take you back into the Mining Tunnels and from there Dresdae. Hope you snagged the non-canon key from the skeleton near Solomon's grave too!
hmm...i hope we're not talking about the same cave. the 'ancient cave'? when i go in from the wastes, a door opens directly in front. straight down the path is a long bridge with sith statues under those shark tooth arches. bridge leads directly to a door with the black on red BoS space invaders logo over it. the map labels it the 'temple of shadow.' but it's locked. is the somewhere, anywhere else i can get to? (thanks for the tip on the key, btw. got it.)
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