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Nope, totally different cave. Since you've basically finished BoS (other than finding the non-canon footlocker), you have no need to return to the Ancient Cave. The cave I'm talking about is the one you initially ran through at the end of the Mining Tunnels before you first entered the Wastes. If you follow my earlier instructions, you should be okay. Basically the most important part is to start from Solomon's grave, and simply run into that open area where you entered when first playing as Akirakon (where there was two slaves and Rakatan warriors). Just run out that path set between the two cliffs and into the wastes, then north-east.

One point to note, is that the cave in the Wastes that I'm talking about, is not featured on the map (hence why you may have missed it), just run northeast and into the back and you'll be back in the Mining Tunnels and enroute to Dresdae.
Ahh, the old Krayt dragon cave. Thanks very much.
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