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Please crashes when I install the mod

I am really excited that I can play Revan! I installed the Revan Head mod and then tried to install the cape fix for Revan. I put all the files in my override folder N_DarthRevan.mdl, N_DarthRevan.mdx etc. The game is crashing because of the N_DarthRevan.mdx file in my overdrive folder. I know this because when I remove that file the game dosent crash anymore. I tried installing the brotherhood shadow mod but, it seems no matter what Revan mod I use the game crashes when I put the cape fix mod files into my overdrive folder. The stiff cape really ruins everything I just cant into it; especially knowing there is a fix for it.

Oh I should add that I have updated the game to the latest patch and when the game crashes I just get that windows dialog box that asks you if you want to send the report to Microsoft. The game start up but when I try to load a saved game thats when it crashes. I did a fresh install. Installed the Revan mod then plopped the cape fix files into the override folder. Is there a specific Revan mod I need to use?

Please help. Thanks!

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