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Originally Posted by Hallucination View Post
Since they mentioned watching the original trilogy 200 times, I'm betting that it'll be for their hardcore fans.

As in they'll start selling girlfriends.
Originally Posted by Hallucination View Post
Hardcore fans are the ones they can sell girlfriends.
Oh I do hope they are customizable. I need someone to occasionally hold my Watermelon flavored Arizona and to flip the bird to unwelcome intruders. Maye use a ultrabright burning laser (on this page to light some of my pyro on new years...

Originally Posted by StarWarsPhreak View Post
My money is on a new game using the TFU engine. Perhaps, Force Unleashed 2?
Unless its plot is based on the "infinities" comics, I really don't see where else it could go. Though I'd still dig on a TFU2.

Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
Although my money is on a Battlefront III or a TFU 2, I'm quite uninterested in the concept of either, particularly the latter. Let's face it: There hasn't been anything "new" out of LucasArts in the Star Wars realm that was of any substantial quality. As much as I'd love a TIE Fighter successor or a KotOR III, that would only be treading previous ground. Ergo, LucasArts needs to effectively produce and develop a new game of high-calibre before they whet our collective appetites for a franchise reboot.
Maybe a prequel into the KOTOR games? (Or I finally get my wish for a GTA-esque-or-better based SW title.[/wishful thinking])

Originally Posted by DarthSquee View Post
<snip> (But knowing its Mark Griskey doing the music, it might be either KotOR III or TFU2, or something completely new)
I would say that unless Kotor3 has been in secret development by obsidian and is about to hit us in the jaw with a knockout punch, that is highly unlikely. Though I have wondered if L.A. behind the scenes hasn't given an OK to obsidian to finish KOTOR 2 as they had intended. Afterall, the modding scene in Holowan has grown and lived, so it's hard not to notice as a potential competitor for story content.
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