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Originally Posted by Lord2 View Post
How many polys does the other in-game modules have?
No idea, though I wonder if there isn't any console command, to ask this type of info. Back in the days of JA and JO, you could ask to show the wireframe, how many FPS and stuff like that.

Originally Posted by Lord2 View Post
When Korriban expanded is released for K1, how long time will it will take for you to convert it to K2 (estimated)?
Converting the models itself will go quiete fast, its just a run through Kaurora. I'dd say a matter of minutes. Of course creating a couple of small quests & dialogues will be the part where I'll need more time.

I'll have to go and use the Team Gizka phrase: It's done when it's done.
Note, I don't plan on working on this for 4 years

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