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Ooh, the animation is done via the .TXI file.
Let me go and grab one from my own.

Here it is:
proceduretype cycle
defaultwidth 256
defaultheight 256
numx 4
numy 4
fps 15
blending additive
decal 1
Okay; you mentioned it yourself, the texture is like in a grid, that is what the Numx and NumY are for.
Colums and rows, stuff like that
Then there is the speed => fps.

I forgot to mention the Width and Height, this is of the full texture, not just one frame of it.
In my example given, I got 16 frames for my animation ( 4 x 4 =16)

When you UVWmap a texture like this to a 3D object do it to its full size, not 1 frame.
Else you'll get funky stuff, know this from own experience

The last two bits, blending additive and Decal 1 are optionale.
This is for the see-through effect, well to get a nicer effect.

IIRC, this was for a force field I made. And you needed to see the player behind it.
IF you let Kotor use its standard transparent shader, you don't see the player and its party behind it.

I hope this made some sense.


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