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Restoring overwritten save game

So let me start from the beginning. I downloaded and played the Brothers of Shadow mod. Now this was the second time I played the game with that mod on, so I decided to go for some bug hunting But because of my curiosity I made a mistake:

~ Spoiler alert ~

When you play as Akirrakon Sin, or whatever his name had that Brother Of Shadow sith. You first visit some ruins, and fight against Rakatans. After killing them all you enter a new area. The temple on Lehon, only many years before Revan's arrival. So after getting to the area, I turned right heading towards "The Elders", just to see what will I find. To my surprise, it was the same as if you are playing with Revan on Lehon. So I saved my game (overwrote the previous save game) and kept going. I met with the Elders, they talk to me as if I am Revan and blah blah chat with them. So when I go back to the Temple, everything is back to normal, just as if Revan crash-landed on Lehon. Then I realized my mistake, but it was too late.

~ Spoiler ends here ~

So basically my question is, is there a way to load the game before I overwrote it, or is there a way to reverse the up-mentioned bug? Help would really be appreciated.

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