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just wanted to give an update,

I'm not exactly as bad as I thought I was, because I only have 8 historical missions left to complete (finished x-wing and y-wing), and all this with a standard mouse (no PPJoy or other virtual joystick, though I did increase the mouse sensitivity to the max, which doesn't actually do much difference).

But I had to cheat once. Mission A-Wing No. 2. After trying 20 times with nearly the same results, I gave up, and found out that with a mission editor I could grant the badge and made "as-if" I had completed it.

Here's the thing: I find some of the missions that were supposed to be hard (judging from reading tactical guides on the net) to turn rather easy, while A-Wing No. 2, described somewhere as an easy 10 minutes, was very hard for me. The X-Wings and Y-Wings were relatively easy to get out (by switching the speed and following). But The A-Wings just moved like flies, and I couldn't manage to follow them. Each try I was left with about 2 A-Wings to go, and it's this situation where I think "gee, if only I had 4 more minutes". I'm hardly ever hit, my shields are green-doubled, laser fulls, etc... I'm just rolling around for minutes, it's crazy. I guess it would be way more easy with the joystick so I allowed myself this cheat.

I used Pilot Desk to get this badge, in case anyone meets similar frustrations.
It's part of X-Manager that you can get on this site:

If you are playing the Cd-Rom, there isn't much you can edit, but the Pilot
log and merits file. If you put in all the badges and awards it's like you won
without playing. Not very fun unless you just want to get to specific missions,
what you can already do with TopAce5.


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