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Well it all depends on what you think of rapists/pedophile sentences I think. If they get life in prison w/ out paroll, then murderers should also get life in prison. If the sexual predators don't get life then there is no way a murderer deserves to get any more than that. I only bring up those comparisons because I think rapists/pedophiles have committed the most heinous of any I usually use what I think of those sentences to use almost a "scale."

I think this boy got what he deserved. He obviously wanted to kill him bad...and even though he is age 14...I knew exactly what I was doing. I knew what would happen if I killed someone...he knew what would happen and he went through with it anyway. Sorry, troubled lives start at a young age and that's a pretty terrible start for him and I doubt you can "rehab" someone like that because they will never be okay. Even if he was given the chance of rehab and even can you tell someone who's out of the normal world for over 20-30 years to just go on, get a job, and do what everyone else is doing? It won't happen. His sentence deserves to be long, but really, his life ended when he stabbed the other kid so it doesn't matter how long he's in jail.

I was reading more into things like this...and I really think that the US needs to implement a legitimate scale for how many years you get for killing anyone of any age. Like that mom I read about...5 of her kids...basically gets a bad rep but doesnt spend much time in jail...unacceptable. I mean, sure there are special circumstances like self-defense but if you get found guilty, you automatically get this many years (idk how many but more than a few for sure).

Idk, something just needs to change...

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