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Originally Posted by Ztalker
I'm more in support of this then the system used in other countries (mainly Europe).

In the US, you are responsible and you do your time. Although some punishments are...very long or just bad (death sentence imo) it's better then what's happening over here.

Over here, your record is CLEANED when you're 18.
A woman slave trader recently escaped here because 'a prisoner has the right to see his child' and so he was released from prison for a week orso and simply fled.
Some years ago, a diagnosed psychopath did the same and murdered someone on his 'vacation' from prison.

Oh yeah. Did I mentioned prisoners here have a PC (with internet), TV stereo system and sports? That's FAR better then hard-working but poor people have.

Please be glad that people are held responsible for their deeds by the system and are punished for it. Maybe to severe though, but that's impossible to wager.

If I kill someone when I'm 13 or 14 shouldn't matter. If they find the victim
's body in my house, with 30 gunshot wounds, seventeen knife stabs and a bear trap I knew what I was doing and should be punished so. My age shouldn't matter because there are smart children and stupid adults and vice versa(to put it bluntly).
Quoted for Sheer Epic Win.

Originally Posted by Junior
It wouldn't surprise me if he committed suicide. Everyone deserves a second chance.
Going to disagree with you here, there are people who don't deserve a second chance, I include Murders, Rapists and those who sexually exploit minors in this group. I'm sickened that you can't see that.

Originally Posted by Junior
Being young mean he hasn't experienced all that life has to offer. Just imagine, he will never fall in love and get married, he'll never be able to even drive a car. No Chirstmas, or birthdays with family. Everyone in the world hating him. He was stupid, and didn't exercise good judgement, but you should have mercy. I think a few years in prison, and then rehab, will be enough to teach him his lesson. I think that your opinions might change if it was you deciding his fate. Mine wouldn't, because my default is grace
He screwed up and killed somebody, he doesn't deserve to get these things from what he did. Stabbing somebody 30 times isn't a mistake, it's deliberate. He should get executed or life, not let off when he's above the age of majority.

Originally Posted by Mach
Under the Elizabethan system it was considered cruel and unusual to make the person wait if sentenced to death. The maximum amount of time you could be held before execution of sentence was two months under Elizabeth, expanded to three when Scotland became part of it under James. There was no juvenile compared to adult justice. If you were capable of committing the crime, you were treated as an adult.
If only, if only.....

Originally Posted by Mach
Their lawyer assured the next jury was firmly against the death penalty, then asked for leniency because, get this, they were orphans.
I'm ashamed to admit that I laughed at that.....

Originally Posted by urluckyday
I doubt you can "rehab" someone like that because they will never be okay.
Yep, not everybody can be 'rehab'-ed, the more people realize this, the better off we'll be.

Originally Posted by urluckyday
I was reading more into things like this...and I really think that the US needs to implement a legitimate scale for how many years you get for killing anyone of any age. Like that mom I read about...5 of her kids...basically gets a bad rep but doesnt spend much time in jail...unacceptable. I mean, sure there are special circumstances like self-defense but if you get found guilty, you automatically get this many years (idk how many but more than a few for sure).
Nah, just go back to Hammurabi and make a life worth your life. Then each additional life worth x amount of lashes with the cat o' nine tails. Let's see how many people will want to break that law.

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