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This post would probably have warranted a separate thread for discussion.

Originally Posted by setlec View Post
have you considerate to use another game engine instead of full conversion? There is a FOSS game engine called Xreal which is based on idTech 3 (quake 3 engine), you can use the src code and yet compile for many platforms (linux, Mac OSx, OpenSolaris and others). I hope that you guys could make a sand-alone game for at least win, linux and mac os x. Oh yeah just in case all devtools are provided also its respective source code.
I really like the inclusion of HDR in that engine. If it successfully does everything it's supposed to, it should be a relatively powerful engine, especially for an open source project. I don't think it would be worth the time and effort to port everything we've already finished for DFMod and fill in the missing gaps that any port would have due to a lack of JA assets (legally, we couldn't port licensed games to the engine) but I wouldn't be above using the engine for an original game property.

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